Your USP is your Unique Selling Proposition.

This is how you will explain and promote your information as to how you practice your specialty.

You should be prepared with a five- second elevator spiel that clearly differentiates you from other acupuncturists.

For instance, if your chosen specialty is sports injuries that runners experience, let them know that you “help runners get well and stay healthy not only when they injure themselves, but when they feel out-of-balance so they can maximize their performance.”

Your USP explains what you can offer your niche and how YOU can help them to get well from problems that may have occurred from injuries or imbalances sustained in their niche activities.

Creating your USP, or unique Selling Proposition is very important in building any business. I have included a few good links below here to resources that can help you create your own USP.—How-to-Develop-a-Strong-USP-That-Will-Fuel-Growth-For-Years-To-Come&id=3657277


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