The gift of two hats.

I have the gift of wearing two hats, marketing guy and acupuncturist. It’s a gift that I don’t take lightly, mostly due to the fact that I understand that MANY of you live more in the realm of healer, rather than marketing person. And that MANY of you shy away from and think that “marketing” is a dirty word.

I totally understand!

After being in practice for over 14 years and helping other practitioners to market and grow their own practices, well, I always try to keep my eyes open for anything that I think may help you, in any sort of way.

I think I found something that you may like. Check out the video below AND please leave your comment too!

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Community Essentials – pdf

Community Worksheet – pdf


CLICK HERE to join Practice Abundance Online Training

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CLICK HERE to join Practice Abundance Online Training

A one-time payment



Module 1: Cleanse

This module is all about detoxifying our beliefs about the two (perceived) evil M words: Marketing and Money, by reconnecting with the one essential W word: Why.

  • Money and the Healing Martyr Myth: This addresses the idea that making money from our practice debases what we do. (Spoiler alert: it doesn’t)
  • Marketing: It’s not about arm-twisting; it’s about authentically connecting with the community you want to serve.
  • Why: Reconnecting with the Why behind what you do, as I said earlier, The Love, will give you a totally ick free practice building experience, and will make things come together more quickly and fluidly.

Module 2: Making the Map

This module will clarify exactly what you want from your practice and where you’re headed, because it’s tough to get someplace you’ve never been before without a map.

  • Your dream practice: Identify exactly what kind of practice you want.
  • Your dream client: Who would you be delighted to see walking through your office door every day? Without clarifying who your ideal client is, you’re going to waste a whole lot of energy on practice building and wind up serving people who burn you out.
  • To niche or not to niche: Knowing when to target a specific small group, and when to cast a bit of a wider net. There are perks to both.
  • Core marketing materials: Once you understand your ideal practice, your ideal client, and whether or not you’re targeting any niches, you’ll be ready to develop the core message of who you are and what you do in your practice. This message is the beginning (and the heart and soul) of crafting your practice building strategy.
  • The money part: While the words “Profit and Loss Projection” still give me chills up my spine, creating this in a simple and easy way helps you to know what your financial goals are and how you can meet them.

Module 3: The Essentials

Everyone’s practice building tactics will be pretty individual, however there are a few things that are absolute essentials to success. Before you start tinkering with the more nuanced stuff, let’s get these in place.

  • Design essentials: Contrary to popular belief, design isn’t a pretty add-on. It’s one of the first ways people decide if you’re trustworthy and credible (i.e. if they want to work with you).
  • Framework essentials: Everything from choosing your right price, to choosing the right office- this module covers the framework stuff that makes like a whole lot easier once it’s in place.
  • Website essentials: If you know you’ve gotta have one but don’t, or if you already have one that’s stagnant or driving you crazy, we give you the two best quick, cheap, easy, and gorgeous options.
  • Community essentials: Hands down the fastest way to grow your practice is to connect with your local community. We help get that party started so you can become the person that everyone in your town wants to see and refer to.

Module 4: Practice Building Flavors and Tactics

There are a gazillion ways to grow a practice. To keep it from seeming overwhelming, we break it down by type to see what might be the best fit for your personality.

  • What flavor are you?: Take our little quiz and see if you tend to have your strengths more in writing, speaking, or relating. It’s not an either/or thing as there will be overlap, but it is a starting point when you’re revving up your practice.
  • Writing: An in depth how-to on all the writing tactics: blogs, ezines, ecourses, ebooks, printed books, and freelance writing.
  • Speaking: An in depth how-to on all the speaking tactics: teleseminars, podcasts, video blogs, media interviews, teaching courses and workshops, speaking at events.
  • Relating: An in depth how-to on all the relating tactics: real world networking, social networking, online directories, collaborating, giveaways and rewards.

Module 5: Crafting Your Plan

Now that your head is buzzing with the aforementioned gazillion options, we help to tone it down by creating an individualized plan (remember, no cookie cutter stuff!) you can follow for the next month, 6 months, heck even the next year! We’ll also look at all the challenges to staying organized and on top of your plan. So many “plans” get dusty in literal or virtual drawers- so we’ll also discuss methods for checking in on your milestones and keeping things moving forward.

  • Setting your milestones: What does life look like 4 short weeks from now? Where do you hope to be in 6 months and how will you get there? And taking the long range view what do you hope to have accomplished a year from now?
  • Support systems: We’ll cover the best time management, organizational, and accountability tools out there from high tech to low tech.

Module 6: Help!

Even with the best laid plans, life can intervene. Things get scary or overwhelming or confusing or all of the above. No problem, Practice Abundance is here to help.

  • The roller coaster ride: Managing the ebbs and flows in your practice. How to handle the crazy busy times and how to fan the embers in the quiet times.
  • Procrastination and fear: Oh the human condition. What can ya do? We address the fact that we’ll all have times when fear and procrastination stop us, and what to do to sidestep this little two-headed monster.
  • Burnout and self-care: In private practice burnout happens to the best of us. Some of my favorite self care experts weigh in on how to keep ourselves from chronic, spiraling burnout.
  • Reaching out: When it’s just you and your clients all day long and you’re also working on this whole new practice building learning curve it can get overwhelming. Here we talk about how to form supportive community and how to take advantage of the ones you already have (hint: the Practice Abundance forum).

Module 7: The Minutiae

Is there anyone on planet Earth who doesn’t want to avoid the twin small business bores of legal and accounting? Sadly, they’re important, so we keep it short and sweet so you can tear that Band-Aid off already and move on.

  • Legal minutiae: LLC, S Corp, or Sole Proprietor? Legal mumbo jumbo can seem scarier than it is. We make it short and sweet so you can get yourself protected.
  • Financial minutiae: Bookkeeping, quarterly taxes, hiring an accountant – just more minutiae that makes us all crazy. These are the best tools and simplest ways to approach the money stuff.


Here’s what other practitioners have said:

I really love what your doing for our field. I get so ticked that our schools didn’t set us up for business success, instead throughout school I was constantly told, “In five years, atleast 50% of you won’t be working as an acupuncturist anymore.” Well thanks, can we do something about it….what a joke.So, that being said, there is a real need for what you’re doing. I loved the course, it’s everything and more that you didn’t get from school. – Caroline, AP, DOM



Thank you for a true gift of wisdom and compassion that keeps on giving.- Dawn, D.O.




Love your style, love your ideas, LOVE LOVE LOVE the re-frame of the why I’m doing what I’m doing. Bang on! Even just changing my mind set about that has changed the patient flow in positive way. Thank you for what you’re doing! – Tonia, Naturopathic Physician and Acupuncturist



I can’t recommend the Practice Abundance course highly enough. This has really helped me focus on some of the practice management details that I had been overlooking. Brooke breaks it down into perfect size sections. Not too much to digest at any one time. One of the nicer aspects is that you can go at your own rate. My schedule is totally erratic, so I was able to work on parts when the time was available rather than trying to meet an unattainable deadline. Thank you Brooke!

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