As a new graduate or a new practitioner, you are probably excited about the idea of wanting to heal the world, one person and one needle at a time. As a new grad it is natural to be eager to spend as much time as possible focused on the healing aspects of being an acupuncturist and employing all the wonderful techniques that were taught to you in school—acupuncture, gua sha, cupping, etc.

However, in addition to your new role as a healer, you are now in business, tasked with building my practice, networking and marketing —basically being a “business person”. This can seem daunting and scare you if you have had no marketing background. You are not alone in your new role as healer, business owner and marketer. Many new practitioners are on the same boat as you. Building a successful practice is a journey, and marketing can be learned.

The sooner you get accustomed to this fact and get in the driver seat, and practice integrating these two roles together, the faster you will grow your practice. If you stay the course and be open to learning about marketing, you will hone your skills and integrate marketing strategies that work for you.

Remember, there is no one size that fits all situation. Some ideas will suit you just fine, others may make you run the other way. The main thing to embrace is that you are BOTH a healer and a marketer. The better you market, the bigger your practice gets and the more people you can help!

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