5 “Must-Have” Plans For A Successful Practice

#1. Use Internet Marketing For Acupuncturists

Internet marketing is very cost-effective and it’s here to stay! There are a few ways to get the most out of using the internet for your practice.

A) Use the power of geo-targeting with Facebook. These days, Facebook can let you target prospects that are located in your zip code. You can also differentiate by age, gender, and things they like. It’s a great way to get very specific with your audience.

B) Content is KING! Content on your acupuncture website/blog is the key to get Google-Love. Specific and unique content will lead to better rankings.

C) Write guest blog posts for other acupuncture and wellness websites/blogs. This will also help with Google rankings. Plus you will get an extra exposure to an audience that you may not already be familiar with and you’ll also look like more of an expert!

D) Make sure you use key words on your website/blog that are in line with the search terms people are searching for. For instance, let’s say you have a blog post on the latest acupuncture research for back pain. On your website
you should have meta-tags and keywords that mention not only “acupuncture”, “Back pain”, “help with…”, but also your city, state and name. These will help you get higher rankings in the search engines.

#2. Get Better At Patient Staying In Front-Of-Mind Awareness

Too many patients fall out of care too easily. I’m suggesting that you figure out a system to stay in front of mind awareness with your patients. Peppering them with solid information and content about you, your clinic and how you and acupuncture can help them.

When you are out of sight, you are most likely out of mind. You should be developing a rock-solid relationship with your current patients during the times they are NOT in your office. This is a form of “internal marketing”, and it’s often overlooked and an EXTREMELY important part of practice growth.

Examples of must-have Front-Of-Mind Awareness builders are print and digital newsletters, email marketing, blogging, and Social Media updates.

You can learn more about a system we ca help you with here

#3. Networking

The potential behind networking with other businesses and professionals can be HUGE for you.

Look for local groups and organizations that make this easy. A few places to look are:

A) BNI Chapters – These groups meet weekly and are composed of business professionals that work with, and refer to each other.  BNI is much more effective than any Chamber of Commerce meeting, at least in populated areas.

B) Toastmasters International – Toastmasters is not only a great way for you to become comfortable and confident in speaking/presenting in public, but it’s also a great way to capture referrals. When I started my practice, I knew I wanted to do talks to the public, yet I was scared to get up in front of them and I had no idea as t what I was doing. So, I joined TM. It changed my life – not only did I become proficient and comfortable in speaking in public, but I received tons of referrals from within and outside of the this group. I highly suggest that if you have an interest in getting out there and promoting your practice by speaking, you should absolutely join TM.

#4. Get Specialized

Specializing is a great strategy! It sets you up as THE expert in your community. I know we were trained to be general practitioners, but specializing will help you grow your practice in ways that you may not have thought of.

When you specialize, you can hone your message, focus your marketing dollars and create a clear, specific and direct communication about what you do and how you can help.

You don’t have to become a specialist on one condition. You can diversify your practice (and your marketing) on multiple ones. The days of “acupuncture helps everyone with everything” isn’t going to work anymore.

It may be true, but prospective patients just see it as fluff. Also, even for the few that take your word, they see you as more of a “jack of all trades, master of none” type of acupuncturist. Who makes more money in dentistry, medicine, and law, the specialists or generalists?

#5 Know Your Numbers

If you’re like most practitioners, you have no idea what your numbers are. When I talk about “numbers” I am referring to your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). When you know your KPI’s, you’ll be able to set goals and targets as to what you wish to achieve in the new year.

Here are the KPI’s that you should review from last year, and attempt to change, for the better, for this coming year.

Some KPI’s you should be tracking in your practice are:

  • New patient numbers
  • Total visit numbers
  • Patient visit average
  • Average visit $ value
  • Total patient revenue
  • Outstanding debit and credit account balances
  • Cancellations and no-show’s
  • Number of patients who do not follow up appointments
  • Marketing channel effectiveness (what worked and what didn’t)
  • Cost to acquire a new patient overall and per marketing channel
  • Patient visit average per channel
  • Average visit value and Total patient revenue per channel

These are a few tips to explode your practice in 2017. If you need help getting there, or help trying to figure out your next steps, I’d be more than happy to jump on a free consultation call with you. No hype, no selling, just me and you trying to figure out some of your goals for the new year!

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In any case, I hope you have a safe and pleasant new year and I’m looking forward to what 2017 has to offer.

Carry on!