Three Simple Strategies To A Busier Practice

This time of year is a pretty slow time of year for many practitioners. People are off in holiday mode and typically not focusing on their health and well-being. In this and next week’s email, I will share with you a total of 3 simple strategies that you can do right now to get your practice moving and get more patents in the door.

Even though these strategies may seem simple, they are quite powerful. Don’t dismiss them as too easy. They have the capacity to take your practice to the next level.

Strategy One: Getting patients right away

An easy way to get patients in the door is to send off a simple email. Go down your list of current patients who have not been in for care over the past month or two and send them an email this week. Tell them that you have some appointment times available that just opened up for next week.

Here’s a sample email you can tweak and send off:

Feeling stressed or anxious during this busy, hectic time of year? I’m sending you this email to let you know that I have XX number of appointment times available for next week. (List out a few dates and times that you are available). All you have to do is reply to this email and tell me which time slot is best for you. You can also reach me at XXX-XXX-XXXX. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Yours in health and a stress-free holiday!

(Your name)

PS. In the spirit of the holidays, I would like to gift you (a bottle of free herbs; $10 off your treatment; a gift-certificate for a free 15-minute massage, etc.)

As a general guideline, I would suggest sending “checking-in” emails to your patients on a regular basis–try for at least once a month.

Strategy Two: Ask and you shall receive

You’ve heard me and many other people talk about how word of mouth is the best form of advertising. It is! Even better than doing a Google search! Make it a point to ask EVERY patient to send in a friend, family member or co-worker in to see you for acupuncture.

Here’s’ the best way to do that: After your patients are done with their treatment and they are basking in that post-acupuncture relaxed glow, ask them how they are feeling. They will most likely say “Great!” After they tell you how great they feel, respond by saying: “I’m glad you are feeling so great. I really enjoying working with you and I am glad you are feeling so good. I wanted to remind you that I am currently accepting new patients. I like working with you so much, I’d clone you if I could. But instead of having hundreds of people like you walking around, I imagine that you have friends, family and coworkers who would appreciate acupuncture as much as you do. Would you do me a favor?”

(Wait for them to reply, and it will almost always be “Sure!”) “Would you give these (health passes, gift certificates, stress reduction cards, what ever you have that is tangible to give them to give to their referees) to the people in your life that you know would benefit from my care as you do? I’m committed to helping ALL the people that you could send my way!”

Simple. Just make sure you have something tangible to give to your patient to pass on to their friend, family member or coworker to get them in your door.

Strategy Three: Reactivate your inactive patients

This seems like a simple strategy, but it is POWERFUL! If you have been in practice for a year or more, then you probably have more patients who have stopped coming to see you and fallen out of care for one reason or another than your current active patients. These people are your best source of getting more patient treatments booked ASAP.

Why? Well, you have already spent the time, energy and money to get them in your door in the first place. And they already know, like and trust you. I consider inactive patients to be a goldmine! Pick a day each week to go through your inactive patient files, choose 10 patients and give them a call.

Here’s what to do: Go through your file cabinet and sort your patients out into 3 piles – the patients that you LOVE to work with (your “A” patients), the patients that you enjoy working with (your “B” patients) and the patients that you dread working with (your “C” patients). I’m sure you have some of those patients that you want to help, but just don’t have the chemistry, juju, or whatever with.

Go through your pile of “A” patients, call them up and tell them that you have been thinking about them and that you’re just checking in. If you just completed some great training, or had a new baby, or some other high-point event in your life, share this new information with them. Tell them that you missed seeing them over the past XX months and that you would love to know what’s going on with them and have them come in for an acupuncture tune-up.

Most likely people will book an appointment with you, especially if they were in your “A” file. There’s a few reason why they stopped care: they got busy with life, they started feeling good and didn’t see a need to come see you, they’re working too long, the kids have an added activity that they have to chaperon, etc. There are a number of reasons people drop out of care, and it’s most likely NOT because they don’t like you or the care you gave them. If you don’t contact them on a regular basis, either with a phone call, an email or a mailing, they will forget about you. So keep in touch. Pick up the phone and make a simple call. You’ll be surprised at how many patients will really appreciate you reaching out to them like this. And besides, you can even just call them this time of year to wish them a happy holiday!

These strategies are powerful! If you just put one into practice, you will see your practice soar! Imagine what it would be like if you put all 3 strategies in place?