How Much Do You Charge

Today I’d like to face the topic of money head-on.

There’s probably no topic that creates more uncomfortable situations than money.

I remember when I started my practice, and was terrified with asking for payment.

It went like this…

After giving a great treatment and excellent experience, I would leave the room and give them time to get ready. I would step behind my desk and ask timidly for payment.

It felt really weird to me to ask for money after giving such good Qi!

But that’s how it went for years for me!

I struggled in my asking!!!

“How should I ask for the money? When should I ask for it? How much should I charge? How much is too much, how much is too little?”

Money is energy.

And energy, a topic you and I understand very well, and it is meant to F—L—O—W!

Again, money is energy.

Everything else we think or feel about it is simply a story we’ve made up or accepted from someone else.

How do you decide what to charge for your services?

Charge too much and your future patients will go somewhere else.

Charge too little and prospective patients start to wonder “what’s the catch?” Believe it or not, charging too little can actually bring your new patient flow to a grinding halt. Ouch!

Your success serving the world as an acupuncturist has nothing to do with the price you charge.

In fact, patients aren’t concerned with price.

That’s why heart transplants cost tens of thousands of dollar that people, via insurance, are happy to pay.

They pay it because of the value they receive for their money.

The pay money, they receive life – and that’s a good deal!

The goal is to stop thinking price, and start thinking value.

What exactly does that mean?

Price is a number that’s put on a service you provide to your patients.

But the service itself isn’t what your patients are coming for.

They’re not coming for acupuncture. They’re coming for what they get BECAUSE of the acupuncture!

When you think about it in those terms, what you do is extremely valuable. Probably far more valuable than you even realize.

You want to provide more value than you ask for in return. This is the way to keep patients coming back again and again.

As long as the value is there, you can charge as much as you like.

This is why marketing (being valuable in advance) is so important. It allows you to make “deposits” in the life of your past, present and future clients that build up the value you bring to them.

It’s all about value, really.

And when you become 100% convinced of that, your patients will sit up and take notice.

They’ll actually become better patients. They’ll actually offer you more respect. And they’ll be far more likely to take action based on the advice you offer to them.

It’s almost like magic really. And it all begins with a shift in your understanding of just how valuable what you do really is.