Learn These 4 Things And Put Them Into Practice

I had a coaching call the other day….

Her biggest concern was that she felt unprepared to get out there and build a business.

She lacked the confidence in what to say and do with each new patient

Lacked the skills in how to attract and retain her patients

I hear her!

I hear this all the time

I too struggled, until I took the 15,000 gamble…

So here was my advice to a new practitioner…

First off, you need to understand that you HAVE TO wear 2 hats.

You are not only a healer extraordinaire, but you are now an entrepreneur!

Yup, I said it…you are an entrepreneur!!!

You own a business, no matter how large or small, you are a business person…so you have to act like a person who owns and runs a business.

Learn These 4 Things And Put Them Into Practice 

1) Join toastmasters.

Toastmasters changed my life! Not only did it give me the confidence and encouragement to stand up in front of people and give a damn good presentation, but I also walked away from my Toastmaster days with 4 solid presentations that I could give anywhere, anytime, and attract patients from them.

Toastmasters was also incredible, because in my 4 years being a toastmaster, I must have attracted 20-25 new patients from this group alone. And out of that, probably an average of 2-3 referrals from them.

That was a pleasant and unexpected windfall!

In either case, Toastmasters gave me confidence and courage. And that goes a long way!

2) Learn from others – do not reinvent the wheel.

There are plenty of marketing coaches, gurus and experts out there to guide you. You have to be willing to take it on and realize that you need the support from others. Others who have been there, experienced the pain and failure and blasted through it, to find a deeper level of success.

We are out here, you just have t one willing to look for us and then embrace the next idea…

3) You have to take risks and step out of your comfort zone.

I know many of you cringe at the idea of marketing, and doing things other than the healing aspect of your biz. But you have to embrace this necessary evil if you are going to succeed.

I remember when I attended health fairs, I felt embarrassed and shy and desperate…and of course, nothing manifested from that experience.

So, I went into a depression around my practice and actually thought about quitting…but I had a wake up call and did a very simple thing…I changed my mindset.

Yup, pretty simple!

I went from the idea of me selling myself, to me selling the medicine.

Think about it for a second…

I got away from the idea of selling myself, to selling the awesome healing affects and power of this medicine, and IT CHANGED everything for me! It sounds simple, yet it was SO powerful for me.

Sell the medicine, not yourself.

You have to embrace the idea that, yes, you are in business, and yes, you need to build it, and you will be called upon to do things that may make you feel a little uncomfortable.

But I assure you…if you embrace this fear, challenge or discomfort, or whatever you want t call it, you’ll rise above it, and be that much closer to your goals.

4) Put systems in place.

You need to have reproducible, systematized and organized systems in place. It doesn’t have to be anything big or extravagant, you need need to have specific procedures in place that you do with every patient.

From the moment they walk in, to the moment you send of that “where have you been, I’ve been missing you at the clinic” email, you need to have systems that help you guide where you are with each patient.

What do you do when a patient comes in the first time?

What do you say to them that turns on their “aha, I get what you’re saying” light?

How and when undo you ask for referrals?

What do you do when you patients fall out of care?

If you don’t have answers to all of these questions above, well, then I’m afraid t say, that you may not be in practice 5 years from now, or at the least, in the same financial position as you are right now.

It’s a sad truth, but a truth none-the-less.

Being an acupuncturist, means owning a business and running a business.

It’s great that you want to move Qi all day, but that will get stagnant and deficient if you don’t have a few of these things in place.

Carry on!