The Simple 3-Step Acupuncture Patient Referral System

Getting patient referrals is one of the most effective ways to build a stable, consistent,successful practice for three reasons:

1) It’s practically free or very low cost – i.e., the price of a postage stamp and some letterhead.
2) Patient referrals tend to be very loyal, repeat patients.
3) You build a practice of like-minded, committed patients – patients have friends and family members who hold similar beliefs and values as them, they run in similar circles. Therefore, they refer similar people to your practice.

As you know, patient referrals are the lifeblood of a successful acupuncture practice. That’s why it’s SO important to have a system in place that will get you new patient referrals on a consistent basis.

Implementing this one system alone, as you’ll soon see, can grow your practice and boost your cash flow like nothing else!

And you’re gonna love this system because it’s all done via the mail. Also, as long as you have your patients permission to contact them through email, you can do this process via email. BUT, snail mail is the way to go these days.

But the best part is, you don’t have to pick up the phone or talk to anyone you don’t know.

Now it’s easy to automate this process and turn it into a system. The best way to do this is to set aside a couple hours each month to send out your letters/emails.

Every week, you’ll be sending out the “New patient Welcome Letter” to your new patients that came in that week. And you will also be sending out the “patient Referral Thank You Notes” to each patient that gave you a referral that week.

I recommend doing your letters at the same time every week, so it’s automatically built into your schedule.

So here’s how it works…

Step 1:
For every new patient you get, you will mail out the “New patient Welcome Letter”. And you will include in the letter a gift certificate/call to action card (for your new patient to give to a friend).

Step 2:
When the patient referral comes in for his/her appointment, you will send “Referral Thank You Letter #1” (and enclose a couple more gift certificates), to your patient who gave you the referral.

Step 3:
When the new patient (from Step 1) refers a second person to you, you will send out the “Referral Thank You Letter #2” (and again enclose gift certificates).

And you will continue the process for every patient referral you receive, you will send out a thank you note that includes gift certificates.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

For the best response, on the envelope, you’ll want to write out your patient’s name and address in your own handwriting. This adds a personal touch and makes it more likely your patient will open your letter.

I also recommend sending these letters in the mail, it seems to be best practice these days. We’re inundated with email and junk mail, so a handwritten letter goes a long way!

Letters really stand out and be noticed. People still love to get mail, especially when it’s personalized just for them.

I included a few letters that are copyright-free. Please feel free to edit them as you see fit.

On your gift certificates/call to action cards, be sure to include the discount amount, your name, address, phone, hours, payment types accepted, and best way to reach you to schedule an appointment (i.e., whether via phone or online scheduling).

This will make it easier for your new patient referral to book an appointment with you.


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