Tapping Into Your Clinic Goldmine

There’s a Goldmine in your clinic

More than likely you have invested a lot of time and energy into getting the patients you currently have. You probably even spend time thinking about all of the patients that you don’t see anymore or have slipped through the cracks. And with good reason, those patients that have somehow fallen through the cracks are a Goldmine.

Why? Because they have already taken the initial step of coming to you and are already well acquainted with you and your practice. You have spent time getting to know one another and building a relationship. It would be a waste of time, energy, and money to just let them slip away into a dusty inactive file.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep in regular contact with all past and present patients. The more your patients receive information from you or your clinic, the more likely they are to reschedule and remember you when a new health issue comes up.

Here are a few ways to activate your inactive patients:

  • Send a newsletter – A seasonal newsletter is a great way to reactivate the inactive patients. Four times a year, you have an opportunity to disseminate information about you, your practice, acupuncture, or anything else your heart desires. Use seasonal newsletters as a soapbox for your practice.
  • Seasonal reminders – Four, or five times a year (depending upon how you look at it, Indian Summer or not), you have an opportunity to remind your inactive patients that it’s time to come in for a seasonal tune-up. One great way to do this is with our seasonal bookmarks.
  • Give them a call – Each week, pick up the phone and give 5 inactive patients a phone call. I have found that it’s okay to leave a message. The patients who really like you, but have been caught up in a busy life will truly appreciate a personal phone call. Click on the link below to learn how best to do this.
  • Send a letter – Go through your inactive file each week and pick 5 patients that you have not seen in a while and send them a letter. It is always nice to receive a handwritten letter. This practice is not common in this day and age with access to high speed wireless internet. It only takes 5 minutes at most to write, address and stamp a personalized letter.

Sending out reminders regularly will give you the chance to successfully reactivate seemingly lost patients. They’ll thank you for remembering them and for wanting to keep them in tip-top shape and you’ll thank them for the continued business-a classic win- win.

Remind yourself that your inactive patients are a renewable and bountiful resource. Don’t let them slip through your fingers! Inactive patients are one of the easiest ways to grow your practice because you have already:

  • Invested time in getting to know them and they you;
  • Spent time and marketing costs to get them into your clinic;
  • Explained what it is you do and how you can help them.

There is no easier patient to acquire than the one that has come to you in the past.

Open up the dusty file cabinet, dig into the database, and send those inactive patients a letter!

Offer them a free exam, invite them to an open house or patient appreciation event, or send them some educational materials from our Patient Reactivation kit!

For maximum results, follow up the letter with a phone call about a week later. (see below)

The super simple call that you can do right now!

Calling patients that you have not seen in a while can book out your schedule for weeks, if not months in advance. A little reactivation call can get patients that you have not seen in a while back on the books.

Open up your file box and sift through the patients that you have not seen in the past two months, then call them first. Then find the ones that you have not seen in over three months, plus. The most recent ones will have a better response to get back in to see you.

Give them a call, and you don’t have to be pushy. Here’s a few things you can say:

“Hello XXX, I’ve been thinking about you lately and haven’t seen you in a while. I was wondering how your XXX (health concern) is going?”


“Hello XXX, I want to let you know that I will be hosting a (plan an event and ask them to come and bring a friend. Give them the specifics).”


“Hello XXX, I just learned a really cool technique (if that’s true) that I thought you would love to know about. I’m thrilled about it and so are my current patients. I’m calling because I thought you could benefit from it. Can I get you to come in to (experience it, try it out, etc)?”


“Hello XXX I realized its your birthday. Happy birthday! I would like to invite you in for a XXX (come up with a good birthday incentive. It can be some free herbs, a massage, stress treatment, etc.)”

I think you get my drift. There are many ways to make the call that can get them from “inactive” status, to a treating patient again.

All it takes is one call. If you make just one call per day, your practice will see some positive growth. It’s a given!

When these calls are made they always manifest in seeing familiar faces. Not only that, many of my clients will say that they have been thinking about coming back in for care, and are happy to have received the motivating call.

You’ll generate more reactivations and your practice will be busier than ever!

Your past clients are a Goldmine! Don’t let the gold rush drift away.



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