Present Yourself in Full Color

Year’s ago, when I went to see a Doctor for some care, the way I envisioned my practice changed forever!

At my first visit, I realized that this was a dual opportunity. First and foremost, I was there to understand what was going on with me, and my health. Equal to this, however, was the chance to learn and observe how other practitioners present themselves.

Here’s an overview of my experience:

Even though it was a small clinic with only one practitioner, it had a huge and professional presence. The office décor was beautiful, warm and inviting, with attractive and informative educational materials.

On my first visit, like most practitioners, the Doctor gathered all diagnostic criteria and gave me an initial treatment.

On my second visit, I received my Report of Findings. At this point I thought, “This is just what I do for my patients.” As a patient, I felt satisfied and comfortable with the information presented, and as a practitioner, confident that my practices were equal in professionalism to my Doctor’s.

My Doctor’s professionalism was further confirmed when she pulled out a beautiful, full color folder filled with wonderful pictures and definitions. Inside the folder was my Report of Findings presented in a succinct and comprehensive way. She carefully reviewed the contents of the folder with me – from the images on the front and the definitions on the back, to the multiple brochures and charts inside. I felt as if I was receiving a gift to support my healing, which left me feeling “special” and exceptionally cared for.

Sure, like all patients, I expect a certain level of professionalism and clarity in order to understand my condition and the intricacies of the care I receive. But honestly, my eyes couldn’t get past the shiny, colorful, full-color folder that held my Report of Findings. I was more excited to see that than to hear what she had to say!

Then it hit me! Not only did I find a health care provider that I could trust to lay things out for me in a straightforward, matter-of-fact way, but I also discovered another level of professionalism for my own practice and patients.

And so here it is. Inspiration from experience!

Witnessing my patients’ happiness when they receive special healing materials caps off my own professional appearance and clinical appeal, solidifying my happiness in knowing that I am contributing to a greater, calmer and more educated world – one patient at a time.

And that is part of the story that lead me to create the Report of Findings that I have used for hundred of patients over the years of being in private practice.

The ROF is hands-down, one of the best tools you could be using in your practice.

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