Priceless…the ROF!

I’ve been working with a bunch of other acupuncturists over the past few years and WAY TOO MANY of them have no idea what the heck a Report of Findings is – let alone how to do one the right way.
It’s one of those things that many schools didn’t teach you.
It’s not your fault, or theirs for that matter.
School has transformed you into an amazing pulse-tongue diagnostician and perfect point selecting master, that they couldn’t possibly teach you EVERYTHING! 🙂
But, I strongly feel as though that if there is one patient retention technique that you were taught – the Report of Findings(ROF) should be it!!!
Giving a ROF is a KEY STRATEGY that provides the foundation for your patient education!
There are two main benefits that I see for doing ROF’s:
Benefit 1: Educated patients stay in care longer – the more they know about their care, the deeper their understanding will be as to exactly what you will be doing for them, how long it will take and what’s required of them.
Benefit 2: Educated patients tell more people – that translates as more referrals. If a patient knows what’s going on with them, and what you’re doing for them, they will be able to communicate more clearly when the inevitable question arises from one of their friends/family members or coworkers – “what did you do at your acupuncturists office today?”, or “how does acupuncture help with your leg pain?”
Learning how to give a Report of Findings, the RIGHT way, is powerful!
In fact, it’s PRICELESS!

Priceless because once you know what one is and how to give one, you’ve just improved your chances of keeping your patients as active patients and under your care longer.That translates as more visits, which translates to growing a healthier, more vibrant practice.200274393-001

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  • Tracey

    May 8, 2014

    Hi there. I wondered if you have the ROF in digital format? I live in the channel isles UK and I am thinking that mailing out here is going to be costly.
    Kind regards Tracey Phillips.

    • Hello Tracey, currently we do not offer a digital version of the ROF. But in the next few weeks, I’ll be offering a complete online ROF training. And that will most likely have a digital version of the ROF.