Patient Appreciation Day Simplified

Anytime is the perfect time of year for a Patient Appreciation Day, PAD.

A PAD is a special event that will encourage active and inactive patients to bring their friends and family to see your clinic and meet you in person. It’s also good excuse for you to give back to your patients, have fun, share, smile, laugh and get new patients.

PAD’s serve four purposes:

  1. attract new patients
  2. reactive inactive patients
  3. create excitement and
  4. to have fun!

You can even network with another healthcare provide who is near to where your practice is. This way you can double your fun, double your expose and cut your costs in half!

This is a day to appreciate your patients, even if you are just beginning your practice.

Here are a few steps that you can do, starting today, to get your PAD moving on the right track.

  1. Go through your active and inactive files and send out your mailings.
  2. Start promoting it at least 8 weeks in advance
  3. Place posters/flyers in your reception area
  4. Send patients home with at least 3 flyers each visit and ask them to hand them out to friends and family and relatives
  5. Send a flyer and a letter 6 weeks in advance, even if they already know about your PAD
  6. Send another flyer as a reminder 2 weeks in advance.

What you will need:

  1. Refreshments. Try to stick with “healthy” snacks.
  2. Balloons, a clown, a magician, face painting. These can help keep it fun and even entertain the little ones that arrive.
  3. Give away door prizes, free treatments, massage or herbs.

Learn about the inside secrets of hosting your PAD here.


Sample Patient Letter


I want to let you in on some exciting news.

On <Date>, we are having our Patient Appreciation Day, from <time> to <time>.

This is our way of saying “Thank You” for being one of our special clients and letting you know that we appreciate you!

This is the perfect time to introduce me to all those wonderful people you have mentioned to me over the <months, years>. Please accept this invitation for you to come and share in our PAD. Please remember that you can feel free to bring whomever you wish! All we ask you to do is to call us and reserve your space so we know that you are coming.

I am looking forward to seeing you there!

All my best.

<Your name>

Sample Flyer