My $15,000 Gamble

me_headshot_circle“The $15,000 AMEX Gamble”

I’m going to keep this story short, but it had a huge impact on my practice and you can take what I learned and apply it today.

When I was just starting out, desperate to launch my own practice, I wanted my schedule to fill up and new patients waiting in line to get care from me.

I also wanted the freedom to work at one job, my practice, be my own boss and to create my own path…

But I was scared!

Scared of the unknown.

Scared to take the leap.

Scared of failing.

Scared of not knowing how to talk get patients to come in.

Still, my desire for a full practice and freedom was so strong, I ventured out and jumped into all types of marketing activities.

Well, most of them totally tanked. It was a terrible disappointment.

But I HAD to make it work because I had student loans to pay, college debt to get out from under, and dreams of starting a family.

I wanted to be the bread-winner, and I was the only one to help ME achieve MY dreams.

I thought that as soon as I got my license, opened my practice, that like magic, patients will line up, referrals will stream in and my schedule would book out.

But that is further from the truth!!!!

I struggled day in and day out.

I started with what I knew about marketing and patient attraction, which was very little.

That’s why I took the gamble.

I went to every friend I had, every relative that I knew and asked for money…not much came…so I put it all on my AMEX.

I called up 5 Star Marketing and told them to sign me up!

Talk about anxiety!

Putting $15 grand on your credit card in one fowl swoop!


With that $15,000 dollars and pure will and determination, I coached with successful practitioners, attended business mastermind sessions and I got focused.

I embarked on a journey to learn from the best practice coaches, marketing gurus and mastermind mavens to help me create systems and protocols to help me achieve my goals.

Within my first few months, I had that career-defining “aha!” moment. From that moment on with using the 20-20-2 Technique…I was attracting qualified prospects, and converting them into first-time, paying patients, my schedule began to book out and my practice blossomed!

My “aha!” was discovering how to create a SIMPLE system and practice protocol that leveraged the power of patient attraction so that I could move people from skeptical-prospects, with a long list of objections, to committed long-term patients that stay, pay and refer.

I still remember the day I had my breakthrough. I’ll never forget the feeling I got when I knew I could call my own shots and get people to commit to more care.

I was finally on my way toward building a powerful, steady and lucrative practice.

Once I was able to overcome the all-too common problem of “where the heck are my new patients coming from”…I decided to combine all the information into a single solution that will make keeping your patients in care longer…a piece of cake.

And I owe it all to learning how to do the 20-20-2 Technique and hosting various Acupuncture Happy Hour events…and this is what I want to share with you.


There is nothing like that feeling of FREEDOM and SUCCESS!

But here’s the thing…you’ve probably tried other marketing and patient attraction techniques and have not had the results you hoped for.

If you have been discouraged by your marketing efforts, I can totally understand. We were never given all the right tools that would allow us to attract, retain and reactivate patients and grow our practice.

If you’re struggling, I invite you to schedule a FREE 15-minute coaching call! I may be able to help you avoid spending $15,000 and to learn from my mistakes!

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