3 Tips To Successfully Build A Busier Practice

179282752In my experience, most practitioners feel a practice slump on a regular basis.

It’s inevitable! Everything has an ebb and flow.

So it’s extra important to stay in constant communication with both your active and inactive patients – sharing the acupuncture is awesome message.

Here are 3 Tips On How To Successfully Build A Busier Practice.

Tip #1 – Patient reactivation program – You most likely have more inactive patients than you have active patients. That’s normal after you have been in practice for some time. Start a patient reactivation campaign and continue to do one on a regular basis.

Here are a few things you can do ASAP!

> Go through your files and separate them into 3 stacks.

– Stack “A” are the patients that you LOVE LOVE LOVE working with and want to fill your entire practice of them.

– Stack “C” are the patients that stress you out somewhat, and would rather refer them out, but could use the income.

– And stack “B” are the patients in-between.

Send letters to your “A” patients first. Tell them what you’re up to, if you took any trainings, or updated your office, or changed your hours. Just reach out to them in some way that gets them excited to come back and see you.

Give them a personal call and let them know that you were thinking about them and want to catch up with them and see where they are from a “health” standpoint.

Send them a newsletter either in the mail or as an email.

IMPORTANT – Make sure that you include a call to action for them to schedule or come in for a free tune-up. Give them a “reason” to want to pick up the phone and schedule with you. Offer a discounted stress-reduction treatment. Or a free bottle of herbs, or a $ amount off of their treatment. 

Tip #2 – Begin a new patient referral drive. Set a date when you want to begin telling your patients that this month you will be conducting a new patient referral drive.

Grab a big piece of paper or a white board, make a thermometer and put your monthly new patient goal on the top.

Let’s say you want to get 15 referrals this month. Put 15 on the top and for every referral you get, start coloring in the thermometer.

This makes it fun for your patients and reduces the “asking for referrals” pressure. You will still be asking for them, but in a different way.

This is what I say, “Hey Barbara, did you notice the giant thermometer on the wall as you came in? We’ve started our annual new patient referral drive and I need your help! You see, our goal is to reach 30 people this month and help them with acupuncture. Do you know anyone that may be able to benefit from the same care you’ve received here? Great! How would you like to help us meet our goal and hand out these referral cards to the people that come to your mind that we can help. We will be offering some prizes to the person who refers the most new patients to us. Can I get you onboard to help us reach our goal?

That’s the jist of what I say, use what you wish.

You should also have a gift certificate handy to give to your patients so they can give it to the people they want to refer to you. 

Tip #3 – Host a Patient Appreciation Day (PAD). It’s a day when you open up your clinic and honor the people that you serve in your community. It’s basically a party that you have at, or outside your clinic.

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