How to Capture Leads Online

If you have a website, one of the best ways to get more patients is to use an email sign-up form.

An email sign-up form allows you to turn a website visitor into a first-time patient.

But, in order to build such a powerful relationship, you have to first get that person to subscribe.

Once someone subscribes, you remove barriers and start to bridge the gap between a website visitor and a first-time patient.


So, why would someone give you their email address?

Well, it’s given in exchange for something they wish to receive.

For instance, you can put together a single-page report that talks about:One of the best ways to capture a person’s email address is by offering a free report on a particular health concern.

> Top 5 strategies for staying healthy during a particular season

> Top 3 acupuncture points for treating headaches

> 10 compelling reasons to try acupuncture 

If you’re like most of us, by now you have freely given your email address in exchange for a free something or other.

The great thing about capturing email addresses in this manner is that someone is raising a hand to say, “I want that free report you are giving away.

It turns them from a cold prospect into a warm lead, and then into becoming a first-time patient.

The next step in this proven marketing process is to set up your own automated emails.

Below is a sample opt-in form and free report.

These are important to have on EVERY type of website in order to capture a “lead”.  (To the right is our live opt-in form that we use to send out quality content about marketing your practice.)

A Lead is an email address and name of a perspective patient.

When someone visits your website, they “raise” their hand by saying “I want that free report”,  and they give you their email address .

You now have an opportunity to follow up with them via emails and hopefully get them to convert from someone who is interested in what you have to offer, to a real-live patient.

Below is a sample webform and report that we offer via AcuPerfect Websites.


Below are resources about building an effective autoresponder sequences.

1) Link to blog post from Pat Flynn that discusses the different types of autoresponders you can put together. Read more.

2) Sonia Simone has some great advice here.

3) Jon Longworth has a 3-part series on autoresponders, you can read more of his stuff here.