4 Reasons To Include Newsletters In Your Marketing Plan

HWN-E-WIN-13-PERS-2How many times per year do you reach out and stay in contact with your patients?

In my own experience and from talking with other acupuncturists, we’ve been reaching out to our patients between 12 – 18 times per year.

There are numerous ways to do that…email, phone calls, newsletters, hosting events, sending off birthday greetings, and snail mail letters.

Sending off a personalized newsletter to your patients provide them with valuable insights, information and updates about you and your practice.

And, it keeps your name on the forefront of their minds. That means, the whole “out-of-sight-out-of-mind” theory goes right out the window.

Here are 4 reasons to use newsletters as part of your marketing plan:

1) Educate and motivate patients – a steady stream of healthcare knowledge that your newsletter can provide can set you apart from your competition and position you as a trusted authority about acupuncture.

2) Gives them a reason to act – a result of your newsletter you will be to get patients to respond based upon articles or specific issues that have piqued their interest.

3) Be there when you are needed – Many patients go through a ton of life changing events. All of these can add to a persons stress levels and anxiety, not to mention any pain they may or may not have. Don’t assume that your patients will reach out to you when they are in need.

4) Separate yourself from others – Let’s face it, there is competition out there. If you are not keeping up with your patients, chances are someone else may be reaching out to them.

When they receive your newsletter, they are reminded that you’ve helped them in the past and are more inclined to reach out for a little acupuncture love from you.

Newsletters will not only encourage patients to act, but it will give them a reason to reach out to you, and if they have become inactive, this is a great way to get them “reactivated” and call for an appointment.

In my experience, the patients who have received seasonal newsletters have taken positive action. Newsltters have reactivated many of my inactive patients back into “active” status.

I hope these tips help.

Check out our latest patient winter newsletter.

We have both a printed a digital version for sale.

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