The One Thing You Were Not Taught In School

156682660Hey there,

If you’ve known me for sometime, you’ve more than likely heard me talk about giving a report of findings?!

I’m going to get up on my soapbox, one more time :), and tout the TREMENDOUS benefits of using a Report of Findings in your practice.

But first let me tell you why the soap box is coming out again…

I’ve been working with a bunch of other acu’s over the past few years and WAY TOO MANY of them have no idea what the heck a report of findings is, let alone how to do one the right way.

It’s one of those things that many schools didn’t teach you.

It’s not your fault, or theirs for that matter.

School has transformed you into an amazing pulse-tongue-perfect point selecting master – they couldn’t teach you EVERYTHING! 🙂

But I strongly feel as though if there is one patient retention technique that they teach you, it should be about giving a report of findings (ROF).

The ROF helps you illustrate and explain information your patients want to know:
> what’s wrong with me?
> what are you going to be doing with me?
> how long will you want to see me for?
> and how much will it cost?

If you are giving this information to your patients already, then KUDOS to you!

You are WAY AHEAD of your average acu!!!

If you don’t know what a report of findings is, stay tuned, I want to share more with you.

Giving a ROF is a KEY STRATEGY that provides a foundation for your patient education!

Benefit 1: educated patients stay in care longer – the more they know about their care, the deeper their understanding will be as to exactly what you will be doing for them, how long it will take and what’s required of them.

Benefit 2: educated patients tell more people – that translates as more referrals. If a patient knows what’s going on with them, and what you’re doing for them, they will be able to communicate more clearly when the inevitable question arises from one of their friends/family members or coworkers – “what did you do at your acupuncturists office today?“, or “how does acupuncture help with your leg pain?

When your patients get asked those kinds of questions, and you can be guaranteed they will, what do you think they will say?


Here’s a simple way that you can find out…

Ask them! 🙂

Ask your patients those two questions and see what their response is.

You may be VERY SURPRISED as to what you’ll hear your patients say.

Then you can figure out where some gaps may be in the patient education process.

Then, you’ll know how you can better educate them so that when they get asked those questions:

what did you do at your acupuncturists office today?

how does acupuncture help with your leg pain?
they can really share what you actually do.

or any derivative thereof.

They will be able to answer questions with a greater sense/understanding of what they are seeing you for, and spread that wisdom to others!

Any way, go ask them.

Then figure out what you want them to know.


Stay Tuned, in my next post Im going to talk about the 4 questions that’s on EVERY patients’ mind, even if they never come right out ans ask you).

You may know them already…


I’ll chat with you soon.