11 Questions about your website

When you are choosing a website to meet your practice needs, here are a few questions that you should consider.

When you are getting a website designed make sure the answers to the following questions are a YES:

  1. Do you have the ability to edit and update text and photos yourself on your website?
  2. Does your website come with a built-in patient education library?
  3. Can you create new blog posts and announce specials and promotions with ease?
  4. Does your website have seasonal newsletter content, updated quarterly and interactive seasonal quizzes?
  5. Do you own and can keep your own domain name?
  6. Do you have a lead capture system that enables you to turn “just visiting” people into patients?
  7. Can you add and update testimonials as easily as creating a blog? Can you automatically rotate your testimonials so your content appears fresh?
  8. Is your website designed with Search Engine Optimization in mind? If not, do you know how to optimize your website for Google searches?
  9. Can new patients download a health history form before their first visit?
  10. Do you have live support Monday-Friday to help you solve problems that may come up with your website?
  11. Have you paid several thousand dollar to get a website designed for you? Are you happy with your website?

If you have answered No to three or more of these questions, you may be lose the opportunity to build a reputation, establish yourself as an expert and build trust with current or prospective patients. It may be time for a new website or time to get current and get one!

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