$17,000 to Uncle Sam

I want to share with you an interview I did with Lisa Hanfileti, an acupuncturist based out of Vacouver, WA. She is also the author of Insights for Acupuncturists.

In her book and in this interview, Lisa talks about how she turned her practice around after receiving a $17000 tax bill and almost lost her practice. She shares crucial practice management lessons she had to learn the hard way.

This audio is pure content, and full of great ideas!

Some topics from our long conversation include:

• Strategies she used to create the dream practice she imagined
• Three tips that you can put into practice right away to gain momentum towards success
• The importance of having a website and how it helps to build an emotional connection between you and your current or prospective patients

Listen to the audio interview below.

Interview with Lisa Hanfileti

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  • Lisa Hanfileti, LAc

    May 26, 2011

    Hey Jeffrey, it was great talking with you! Thanks for the opportunity to connect with you and your audience. It is a privilege to be able to help acupuncturists find success more quickly and more easily than I ever did. Your marketing materials are top notch and I’m glad you were there for me when I opened my clinic 10+ years ago.